About Sweep Certificates

Use the Sweep Certificates mobile app to create professional sweeping certificates and warning notices.

This website can be used to manage your customer data at a computer alongside what is possible within the app.

You, as administrator, will have sole access to your customer data, and any employees belonging to the same company must be granted access to read customer data, and additional access to edit customer data.

You will be able to delete or update your customer details at any time to comply with GDPR and to only keep the minimum of information.

You will also be able to delete or update your own information, including your email address (used to log in) and company details (used to verify which customer data you can access). Storing of your and your customer data is optional and the mobile app can be used to generate certificates by filling in these details each time.

Where possible you will not be contacted for marketing or communications purposes.


  1. Android mobile app - find the app on the Google Play Store
  2. iOS mobile app - find the app on the Apple App Store
  3. Customer management through the website - subscribe and take advantage of productivity features like automated day lists for employees, follow-up emails following a sweep, and scheduled booked appointment reminders.



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